Friday, August 27, 2010

On occasion I do the easy stuff too :)

Funny thing was, the phone worked perfectly fine in the "shattered" condition.


  1. After reading other positive comments about Hector I decided to contact him about fixing a phone for me.
    Everything everyone has said about him is true. He's great! Very professional, reasonably priced. Really knows his stuff. I tell everyone that if they have iPhone issues, Hector is your guy.
    Thank you so much Hector! Your the best!

  2. what is your charge for fixing the #3 connector

  3. I attempted a DIY install on my iPhone and ended up breaking the #3 on the logic board.
    Hector fixed it + new digitizer and sent it back.

    I further had an issue with the LCD screen which Hector detected and fixed. The firmware install failed after my messing around inside iPhone.

    I recommend you contact Hector for any repair not just the ones featured on the blog here. He is THE expert you need to email with your hardware issue.

    Once I get the cash for genuine parts I will contact Hector to install.

    Thanks for everything.