Saturday, August 21, 2010

DIY? Well, this is what you SHOULD NOT do yourself....

So I get a lot of people contacting me in regards to getting their #3 connector repaired. Nothing new right? Well one day I get a package from someone, and when I came to open it up, I was flabbergasted (that's a $5 word! lol). Seems as though, one of my clients decided to take it upon themselves and repair the connector. Well, I just wanted to share with you, what NOT to do. Luckily, I was able to save the logic board, it was not a pretty site however.



cleaned up a bit:

So there you have it folks, don't try this at home! Also... people, please STOP using superglue to fix your electronics! It doesn't work!!! 


  1. i found some of your posts on iPhone forums and followed them to your blog. Yep, I need a #3 connector replaced. i am going to email you, hope it doesnt end up in spam.

  2. how hard or how much does it cost to fix a couple broken pins on the main board that connection 3 connects too?

  3. Daniel, shoot me an email. I cannot email you since your profile is on private.

  4. Hello I am also having the same problem!

  5. mubarak, contact me via email at

  6. Hi, I came across your blog by google because I believe my #3 connector is broken or messed up as well.
    I replaced my Glass screen and LCD, and everything is working fine on my phone except the ear piece, I can use speaker phone or ear buds just fine, but can't use normal "phone" mode to talk, because I can't hear out of the earpiece.

    Can you email me with some info on fixing this, or me sending this to you to fix, and what your fees or costs are?

    Thanks so much

  7. Thanks for a great #3 connector repair (and replacing the ring/vibrate switch I was attempting to change in the first place). I shipped an iPhone all the way from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and am very happy I did.

    Your service and communication were outstanding and I highly recommend you to anybody in need of iPhone repair.



  8. After relacing the dock connector, mic and speaker assembly in my iPhone myself, I realised I had damaged the #3 connector. I found out about Hector by searching blogs for similar problems. Hector provided a very punctual and professional service and following the repair even tested (and repaired) the ribbon for the #3 connector.

    I would highly recommend him to anyone needing an iPhone repaired.

    Thanks again, Hector.

    David (from Ireland)

  9. Hector THANK YOU!!!
    Just received my iPhone back from you today and it's 100% repaired as promised! Great job! And thanks for the fast turn-around. I mailed this seriously messed up iPhone out Monday and it came back like brand new Saturday morning. That's quick considering the damage (kinked cables, #3 connector broken, dead home button). Will definitely be sending more work your way!


  10. Beyond amazing. So after trying to fix my shattered screen and completely ruining my #3 connector Hector totally took care of everything. Not only does he have beyond reasonable rates, but he's super nice and extremely fast with shipping it back out to me. I didn't realize how attached to my phone I was until I had to go without it. Hector made that time as short as possible.

  11. I agree, my #3 connector crumbled like it was made of wax. Talk about feeling sick in the pit of your stomach, I had the thing a week and had already turned it into a paperweight. After reading all the information above, I took a leap of faith and mailed my iphone to Hector Truong. I had it back in 4 days like new! Needless to say, I recommend Hector to anyone who needs a good, fast, honest, and affordable iphone repair man.

  12. Hi!
    Inserting the #3 cable I have broken a little bit of the white plastic on the side of the connector...
    apparently the contacts are not damaged I can insert the cable and close the clips without any problems.

    Unfortunately closing the phone the earpiece and the proximity sensor don't work anymore! :(

    Any suggestion how to try fix it without desoldering the connector?

    When I am inserting the cable, need I to see it under the black clips?

  13. Werz, email me. Once the connector gets that way, it is all downhill. It begins to worsen and deteriorates even by looking at it! No, but really, email me.

  14. Hector was fantastic. I sent my iPhone in Brazil and he quickly repaired and put back in the mail. The agony was waiting for the USPS, which took more than a month to deliver. At this time, Hector has helped me and request what was needed. Thank you Hector! I recommend to all your services!