Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Iphone 4 battery connector pulled off? Here's the fix!

So you went to change your battery in your iPhone 4, or you opened it up to change out the housing, and you made a big mistake and used to much force. The connector comes up with the battery, you rip out one or two of the solder pads, then you realized that you need to put this down and give it to a professional.

Look familiar?

Here are the repair pics, during and done.

 The solder pad was repaired, and trace recovered. Even if completely torn out, I believe this can be fixed as the circuitry is nearby and not very difficult to do if you know what you're doing. I have ordered a few of these connectors, and will be offering this service very soon. Questions, please email me! Thanks!


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  1. Found Hector online through a forum, and while I am usually a bit hesitant to to trust a random person from the interwebs, I gave it a go anyway. After dealing with him, I must admit that Hector is a true professional. He responded to all emails quickly and the turn around time to get the phone back couldn't have been better unless I was able to fix the phone myself. So if you need to get your phone fixed... get Hector to do it.