Tuesday, July 26, 2011

(Regarding the #3 connector) There are a lot of unqualified repair "shops" out there....

So it's been awhile since I've posted anything. Very busy for the last few weeks/months. I have also received quite a bit of emails from people regarding the infamous #3 connector and had to turn people away. NOT because I can't do it, but because someone else, or some other "shop" has tried and then went and totally fucked shit up. I say this in the most professional way I can, because some of these boards are FUBAR'd. Anyhow, I would like to tell anyone that is reading this, PLEASE DON'T LET ANYONE experiment with your phone!!!

I have done probably thousands of these repairs now, and I pretty much started this movement! Haha. Google me (hectordtruong or krazy) and you will see a lot of activity regarding this connector, and myself. I will post an example of a failed repair attempt... from a full blown "repair shop."

Typical "repair shop" quality.

So please, if you don't wan't your phone to look like this, don't send it to anyone else. 

Contact me to save your phone from looking like that! Hectordtruong@gmail.com


  1. My #3 connector, home button AND LCD were DONE- I thought my phone was gone (3GS 32 GB)- but I came across Hector's blog and decided to send my phone to him. I really expected him to tell me he couldn't fix it- Well I just got my phone back from him and it’s FIXED! I am SO thankful- Thanks again Hector. Your communication and knowledge are admirable.

  2. I also had #3 connector and lcd problems. After many, many hours of searching online I finally came across Hector's blog. I was somewhat sceptical at first but I sent it anyway. Sure enough he found the problem and fixed it. Thanks for everything Hector!

  3. Another victory in Hector's work... After reading this blog, I found a way for sending my Iphone from Argentina, as I knew that if my Iphone had 1% of chances, Hector would be the only one succesful. I wasn't wrong at all, I didn't even have a backup of my contacts or anything, and my "Personal" Iphone 3gs 16GB is now back in my hands in excellent conditions, with all my information, and you wouldn't even guess all that has happened to HIM. Hector, words will never be enough to thank you, it's just a mobile, but you made things so easy! Im really pleased to have found this blog. Thanks one and a million more times. Joaquin

  4. Hector did a grate job in repairing my connector 3. He was fast at answering any questions and fast at delivering it back to too. It was smooth process by working with Hector. I mostly recommend him with other people who have connector 3 problems.

  5. Hi Hector had the dreaded #3 plug rip away from the ribbon. Put a fresh glass in but its not working. How do I go about sending it to you to look at? Its an old 3G.

  6. thecontinentalcat: email me so we can discuss your issue

    email is at the bottom of every post.

  7. I replaced the battery in my iPhone 3Gs, but part of the #3 connector crumbled when I replaced the ribbon connector. I also managed to screw up the contacts for my home button.

    I found Hector through this blog, and he graciously agreed to take on my repair. He fixed my phone the same day it arrived, and I had it back in the mail 2 business days later.

    You do great work, Hector - your pictures of proper repairs with the right equipment convinced me you were the guy to do it right! Thanks again so much.

  8. Hector,

    My coworker was well pleased with the repair of the #3 connector and the screen replacement. Thanks for getting it back so me in Baltimore quickly. I will push more business your way.

  9. O.K. just received my 3G phone back from Hector and he repaired the glass and fixed my torn #3 connector. For the record another repair guy had told me to throw the phone away and that it was not repairable. Man I couldn't be happier. Hector did a great repair and had my phone back in no time.

    Keep up the great work Hector!

    Thanks again,