Wednesday, February 2, 2011

FYI to all the DIYers!

If you're having issues with your proximity sensor and the connector is fine, and the ribbon was once working in your other screen. This could be the reason why. Took me awhile to figure out why the ribbons I was installing into customers' phones were not responding the the proximity sensor properly. There is a huge batch of bad digitizers out there. Mainly 3G I believe, but you can't be too sure. Here is a pic of the bad one versus a good one. Notice the right side sensor holes are lighter in tint, it should be like this, not like the darker one on the left.
I'll update more when I get some time. Lots to show you guys, and lots to learn! And yes, that is an ice-cream cone reflection haha, it is a sticker on my camera.


  1. are you sure about this? The one on the right seems to be a low quality copy (grade B or lower) and the one on the left seems to be a slighly better quality one. Perhpas grade A.

    I find that the reason why most prox sensors don't work is they are just bad quality more so than anything else. Once you swap the prox sensor cable out with another one, it works fine. using the same digitiser.

  2. Ive had some OEMs look dark and still work. This is only an extreme example. So far I have run into 3 screens with this problem. I swap good working ribbons into them and when the person is in a call, the screen shuts off, and never comes back on. Swap the ribbon back to another screen and it works like it should. This is of course not concrete in any case, you have to test the phone thoroughly to know that it is actually the digitizer that is causing you problems. The one on the left in this picture was actually a defective unit.

  3. While replacing the battery on my Iphone 3Gs, I broke the white plastic on connector #3. As a result, my phone was not fully operable. I did some research in Google and noticed that Hector had claimed he could fix the issue by removing the broken socket and solder a new one on the logic board.
    I was not too sure that could do it but had no choice. Anyway, I did email him and he was very prompt in responding to my email. I finally shipped my phone to him and he fixed it the same night he received my package and send it back next day. In the meanwhile, he was in contact with me via email and giving me updates.
    All I can say is that Hector is good as he claims to be. In addition, he is very courteous and prompt in responding to email. I do recommend him to anyone who has Iphone issues.


  4. WOW, This guy is an iPhone wizard and out and out Apple Guru when it comes to repairing iPhones. I've sent 2 different iPhones in the past month that have been totally trashed.

    The first phone had new vibrate motor put in, the headphone jack/power button ribbon replaced, a new battery, new digitizer, new #3 ribbon connector, the power buttom replaced, and the bezel of the phone repaired. When he went to test the phone, the proximity sensor wasn't working, so he replaced the ribbon. It doesn't end there though - the proximity sensor worked, but the screen wouldn't come back on. Luckily, he had seen this problem before (see this very blog post). It was the digitizer; it was an aftermarket part and the 2 holes near the top that the proximity sensor needs to work are too dark, reflecting the light the proximity sensor gives off, making the phone think that the phone is up to your cheek! SOOOO, in order for the proximity sensor to work, the digitizer was replaced as well!

    The second phone was dropped and nearly exploded coming apart with the screen and ribbon breaking. The mounting foot broke, along with the digitizer ribbon that got pulled out of the glass. Also the screen frame was broken at the bottom, almost completely off.

    He not only got both phones fixed, the turn around time was super fast. He received one phone in the morning and emailed me the same day it was done.

    If you need any repairs, this is "The Man" to do the job. I plan to refer everyone I know to Hector.

    Jeff M.